Use 7601 Wi-Fi Adeptor In 1506tv (Wezone-Clan-8007-8009)

Use 7601 Wi-Fi Adeptor In 1506tv (Wezone-Clan-8007-8009)

Use 7601 Wi-Fi Adeptor In 1506tv (Wezone-Clan-8007-8009)

1.Main Menu Interface

2.Sharing Options Available


4.Setting/TKGS Settings

5.Setting /Ethernet Config

SuperMax Prada SMX2 1506tv SCW2 V10.11.15


Server:Dqcam | Nashare | Nashare Pro

Ethernet:Wifi (7601) | USB Cable | wire

NetworkIPTV:Xtream IPTV | Evision IPTV | Super IPTV | Free IPTVCustomer ID:13 52 FF 15 07 00

Other Features:Ecast Option Available

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