How to Become a YouTube Promoter Gaining the title of “YouTube influencer” comes with a few key points.

एक टेक यूट्यूब चैनल शुरू करने के बारे में जानने के लिए आपको जो कुछ भी चाहिए

क्या आप जानते हैं कि शीर्ष YouTube प्रभावित करने वाले एक वर्ष में लाखों डॉलर कमाते हैं?

ट्यूटोरियल, समीक्षा और वीडियो गेम कमेंट्री जैसी सामग्री का निर्माण करके, उन्होंने मार्केटिंग गेम बिग टाइम को बदल दिया है। लेकिन, जैसे-जैसे बाजार इन क्षेत्रों में अधिक संतृप्त होता जाता है, यह अधिक से अधिक महत्वपूर्ण हो जाता है कि आप अपने YouTube चैनल के संबंध में क्या करना चाहते हैं, इसे ध्यान से चुनें। आप खुद को अरबों अन्य YouTubers से अलग करने के लिए क्या कर सकते हैं? आप दर्शकों का ध्यान कैसे खींच सकते हैं और उन्हें बार-बार वापस आने के लिए कैसे कह सकते हैं? हमने YouTube चैनल शुरू करने के लिए सर्वोत्तम युक्तियों का संकलन किया है ताकि आप सीख सकें कि दाहिने पैर से YouTube चैनल कैसे शुरू करें (या फिर से शुरू करें) और अगले बड़े YouTube स्टार बनने के लिए चार्ट पर चढ़ें।

1. Create Quality, Trusted Content People will only watch your complete video if it keeps their attention, or if they have something in common with it. Many of the best performing channels offer updates or tutorials to their viewers.

2. Work to Find Subscribers The first landmarks reach the nano influencer status, which means you have one to five thousand subscribers. These accounts are generally accessible, depending on the content provided, and see great success.

3. Follow Trends In the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. Find popular channels and subscribe to newsletters and newsstands that can keep you informed whenever there is a change.

4. Market Carefully People usually do not go to YouTube to buy something, so make any product recommendations or sales articles a part of live content. If they feel like they are inside a secret or something good you are supporting, they will trust the product with confidence.

5. Stay on Your Roadway. It can be tempting to seize and opportunity to produce fast content for a small fee, but the most successful promoters stick to their niche and become an expert in the field. The more you get lost, the less visible you will be to viewers.

8 tips to start a YouTube channel Great time to start a YouTube channel now! So here is your final guide to how to start a YouTube channel. People like to get quick, clear answers to things that weigh them down. They want to know what to buy and why. They want to know the best way to use something, and they want to know NOW. When you start in the tech market, it is important that you educate yourself about the topic you are going to create, every time you compile a video. What kind of questions do you think people would be asking about this? Watch some videos or read articles that may already have a title. Are there any comments from viewers? Those questions will probably give you some interesting content for your channel. Here are five tips for startup YouTube channel professionals to keep in mind as you put your program in place.

  1. You Can’t Have A Lot To Watch Soon
    It is possible that your first few videos will be seen only by people with direct access to your channel. Do not let this discourage you! Continue to create new content, so passersby have a better idea of ​​who you are and what your channel stands for.

Helps to create views and a subscriber base to engage your audience so you can understand what kind of videos they prefer in the future.

A well-designed and detailed approach will enable you to address the needs of your subscribers every time you stick to your niche.

Your main goal should be to provide content that addresses their concerns and requests.

This process will ensure that your audience keeps coming back to your smart, interactive, and content videos.

  1. Find A Cadence That Works For Other Channels In Your Niche And Try It
    If there is a top promoter in your target niche, subscribe to their channel, and be aware that they always send you new content. Consider commenting on their videos to see how fast they respond.

The best way to connect with your viewers is to include them in the creation and in the videos that call for commenters and give them an idea is a great way to make that connection memorable.

The whole way to start your own YouTube channel is very similar to a university graduation. You need to choose your boss. Time.

Yes, being knowledgeable about a variety of topics is always a good idea but choosing a niche for your channel and sticking to it is even better.

Doing this will give you an idea of ​​the matter, making you an expert yourself.

It will also give you the opportunity to create and grow a subscription base provided on your YouTube channel entirely based on your niche.

Even top YouTube users like Marques Brownlee follow the same strategy, especially those who engage in gadget video reviews.

  1. Keep Content Interesting, But Do Not Turn From Your Target Niche
    As we said earlier, it is important to stay on track when producing content. But, if there is a practice or topic related to your niche but it may be slightly different, do not be afraid to try it to see how it works.

Trends are coming and going quickly, so choose the ones that fit your theme, so you don’t run out of looks that are outdated or out of focus.

According to Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce, “The only technology industry change”.

So it is always a good idea to be on your toes and gather information on all the latest trends and brand new products within and around your niche.

Try and take advantage of this opportunity by becoming one of the first YouTube video uploading channels about the latest styles or newly introduced gadgets or the latest product reviews.

Sitting before the game will reassure a large audience. Being busy can also benefit your YouTube channel paid partnership with products to review their newly launched products.

  1. Market Your Channel
    It is easier than ever to market using social media to promote yourself, but it is important to keep your marketing relevant to your channel. Create new social media accounts under your channel name, search for keywords that work best in your niche, and make sure your video thumbnails attract the viewer.

Let your ingenuity free you to make your account different from the thousands of other technology channels.

To give your YouTube professional channel that extra work, it is wise to grow your videos in SEO. That means ‘How to Get Started with YouTube 101’.

It is very important to include the target keywords in the video description. Proper keywords will ensure that you rank well in search.

As an additional step, customize your videos with tags that help increase your visibility in indirect search situations with common keywords.

Use attractive peppery themes with appropriate keywords.

  1. Generate Clear, Organized Video Content
    If you are just getting started, it is best to use a free smartphone and editing software to create your own videos. The important things to remember are:

Lighting: Make sure you have a bright light, so that the viewer can see you.
Background: Choose a space that you can record with minimal background distractions. Plant, invisible art, or organized book shelves create a beautiful background that will not interfere. Avoid clutter or personal photos at all costs.
Music: If you choose to add music to your videos, be sure to choose music that doesn’t have royalty. If you do not do so, there is a chance that YouTube will reject your upload or make you tag the artist, which removes you from focusing on your content.
If you are looking to buy a new smartphone, you are likely to watch updated videos and box them on at least one YouTube channel.

And two hours later, you will be watching a documentary on how Graham Bell invented the first phone.

YouTube is really addictive.

  1. Be consistent
    Regularly uploading high quality content to your YouTube tech channel is a proven way to increase user engagement.

Regular content keeps your channel active and increases your presence on the web.

Another trick that will improve your YouTube presence is to make a series of videos of the same product.

For example, you can start by downloading a new gadget and then uploading another video that compares the same product with other products of the same value.

This strategy gives you enough content to keep your audience busy for weeks.

  1. Be Unique
    Although the tech industry is constantly evolving, content is starting to get dull on all YouTube tech channels talking about almost the same products in that short period of time.

However, you can take advantage of this situation by introducing fictional videos and even unusual topics.

Discuss ideas and work differently for all videos thus making each video a unique soul.

Take, for example, Jenna Marbles. Her videos often cover common topics, such as what girls do in cars, dogs, or relationships.

He builds his niche by making these humdrum themes fun and entertaining, giving him the right to collect over 2 billion views.

  1. Quality Above Quantity
    Yes, you should be uploading videos to your YouTube channel, but not for quality.

You need to make sure the content is rich in quality. Pay close attention to audio and video quality too.

Your viewers will never be stuck to watch a whole video with unpleasant light conditions or perhaps a scratchy background.

How to How Inter­net Speed on Taskbar in Windows 10

Show your Internet speed in Windows 10 taskbar Here, we will use a variety of third-party software is called NetSpeedMonitor is to be the Internet speed in the status bar. This is a tool that helps you to monitor the actual download, and upload speed of your Windows PC. Now, while this works fine on previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 users will find it difficult to install and configure the software. Here are the step-by-step to follow the steps which you can use in order to make your Internet speed on the taskbar and with the help of NetSpeedMonitor.

Now a days everybody have not a good stable internet connection. Some of us still have to go through internet problems every day when sometimes the internet stops working or the speed drops too low. One wonders if the app or network problem. Fortunately, online speed meter tools are helpful.

This is the place here we can see internet download/upload speed so lets check out and follow this process

These tools reflect the current download and download speeds of your network. Thanks to them, you can quickly tell when the speed is down. I’ve been using the Internet Speed ​​Meter on my Android phone for a while, and now I’m getting used to the fact that working on a PC without monitoring internet speed seems strange.

Windows 10 comes with basic bandwith monitring tools so it can not provide the internet downloading/uploading speed.
If you’re looking for a way to show internet speed in the task bar, you’ve come to the right place.
In this post, we will help you to showing your internet speed on your Windows /PC TASK BAR. So Let’s get started.


Friends if you want to show you internet speed in your laptop/pc first of you need to download software called NetSpeedMonitor .

First Download NetSpeedMonitor from the link given below. The software is free to use and needs to be installed in compatibility mode on Windows 10.

After downloaded, click the setup and install it normally. If you’re on Windows 10,

Right-click the setup > Properties > Compatibility 

and tick the Compatibility mode for previous versions of Windows. Hit Apply to save changes.

You can now double-click the setup file to install the software normally on Windows 10.

After you’ve installed the tool, right-click on the Windows toolbar, and select Toolbars from the available options.

Click on NetSpeedMonitor to enable it. As you select it, your internet upload and download speed will automatically start showing in the taskbar at the bottom right.internet monitor for windows 10

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SANEDO MINI TRACTOR (Desi jugaad tractor) देसी जुगाड village life in Gujarat

ખેડૂત માટે સૌથી વધુ જરૂરી એક ટ્રેક્ટર હોય છે. પરંતુ ટ્રેક્ટર મોધું હોવાથી ખેડૂત ટ્રેક્ટર ખરીદી શકતો નથી. કેમ કે નાના માં નાનું ટ્રેક્ટર ઓછામાં ઓછું 3 લાખથી શરૂ થાય છે.

किसान के लिए सबसे जरूरी है ट्रैक्टर। लेकिन ट्रैक्टर महंगा होने के कारण किसान ट्रैक्टर नहीं खरीद सकता। क्योंकि दुनिया का सबसे छोटा ट्रैक्टर कम से कम 3 लाख से शुरू होता है।

लेकिन अब देसी जुगाड़ है जो वो सारे काम कर सकता है जो एक बड़े ट्रैक्टर से किया गया है भले ही ट्रैक्टर 4 गुना सस्ता हो। हाँ, यह हमारे द्वारा निर्मित एक Sanedo मिनी ट्रैक्टर है।

સનેડો મીની ટ્રેક્ટર 5.5 HP Diesel Engine। Sanedo Mini tractor।Gujarat


गियर – 4 आगे। 1 पीछे

खरीदने के साथ ही जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए संपर्क कर सकते हैं

अन्य मॉडलों का विवरण नीचे दी गई तस्वीरों में है। आप नीचे दिए गए वीडियो में फोन नंबर आदि देख सकते हैं

फोन नंबर आदि नीचे दिए गए वीडियो में देखे जा सकते हैं

Hydraulic pump

હાઇડ્રોલિક પમ્પ્સનો ઉપયોગ હાઇડ્રોલિક ડ્રાઇવ સિસ્ટમોમાં થાય છે અને તે હાઇડ્રોસ્ટેટિક અથવા હાઇડ્રોડાયનેમિક હોઈ શકે છે. હાઇડ્રોલિક પમ્પ એ શક્તિનો યાંત્રિક સ્રોત છે જે યાંત્રિક શક્તિને હાઇડ્રોલિક energyર્જામાં ફેરવે છે. તે પંપ આઉટલેટમાં લોડ દ્વારા પ્રેરિત દબાણને દૂર કરવા માટે પૂરતી શક્તિ સાથે પ્રવાહ ઉત્પન્ન કરે છે

5.5 હોર્સ પાવર થી શરૂ થતું આ મીની ટ્રેક્ટર એક નાના ખેડૂતના બધાજ કામ કરી શકે છે. સનેડો મીની ટ્રેક્ટરથી તમે વાવણી, ખેડાણ,રેતીના ફેરા , દાંતી ,રાપ , નિંદામણ, રોપાવું, ભાર ઉંચકવો।, જંતુનાશક છંટકાવ વગેરે તમામ કામ કરી શકો છો. જે ખેડૂતોનું કામ સરળ બનાવી દે છે. તેની શરૂઆતના 5.5 HP વાળા ટ્રેક્ટરની કિંમત આશરે 1 લાખ રૂપિયા છે.

તેમાં બીજા મોડલોની કિંમત આ પ્રમાણે છે.

5.5 HP – 1,00,000/-

10.5 HP – Soon

22 HP – Coming Soon 2022

સનેડો મીની ટ્રેક્ટર 5.5 HP ની જાણકારી આ પ્રમાણે છે.

એન્જીન – Prince Co. 5.5 HP Diesel

લંબાઈ – 750 MM . પહોળાઈ – 560 MM . ઊંચાઈ – 850 MM .

વજન –300 કિલોગ્રામ

એન્જીન સિલેન્ડર – એક

પ્રકાર -ઇઅર કુલ્ડ ડીઝલ ઈન્જીન

RATED RPM – 2800

ડીઝલ નો વપરાશ – 400 મી.લી એક કલાકમાં

किसानों के लिए सानेडो मिनी ट्रैक्टर है जो कम पैसे में ट्रैक्टर की तरह सारे काम करता है।

किसान के लिए सबसे जरूरी है ट्रैक्टर। लेकिन हर किसान ट्रैक्टर नहीं खरीद सकता क्योंकि यह महंगा है। क्योंकि छोटे से छोटा ट्रैक्टर भी कम से कम 2.5 से 3 लाख से शुरू होता है।

नीचे वीडियो है और इस मशीन के बारे में नीचे पढ़ें

कीटाणुनाशक छिड़काव

सनेडो मिनी ट्रैक्टर से आप जुताई, निराई, निराई, वजन उठाना, कीटाणुनाशक छिड़काव आदि कर सकते हैं। जिससे किसानों का काम आसान हो जाता है। इसकी कीमत करीब 1 लाख 3 हजार रुपये है।

पूरा वीडियो देखें

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Here are the most useful apps for Android!

एक सफल Youtuber बनने में आपकी मदद करने के लिए ANDROID APPS

The Best Android Apps for 2021

PicsArt MOD APK 17.4.0 Download (Premium Unlocked)

PikaShow APK (Latest Version) v10.6.2 for Android (v62)

SandVXposed Apk Download

KineMaster-Pro Apk Download

You can use this application for any type of video editing



Beauty Cam Apk Download

YouTube क्या है? आप एक अच्छे रचनाकार कैसे बनते हैं? कुछ प्रो टिप्स के लिए पढ़ें जो आपको YouTube पर एक सफल वीडियो निर्माता बनने में मदद करेंगे।

इसलिए, मैंने YouTubers के लिए कुछ बेहतरीन Android ऐप्स चुने हैं जिनके द्वारा वे आसानी से अपने चैनल का प्रबंधन कर सकते हैं और अपने लिए अद्भुत वीडियो बना सकते हैं।

  1. Tubebuddy. …
  2. YouTube Creator Studio App. …
  3. viaOTP. …
  4. Open Camera. …
  5. Phone Memo. …
  6. Adobe Premiere Clip. …
  7. Legend: Intro Maker. …
  8. Canva.

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Top 5 Electric Scooters/Bike available in India Check price, features, other details

भारत में हाल ही में कई इलेक्ट्रिक टू-व्हीलर लॉन्च हुए हैं। हाल ही में TVS ने एक iQube इलेक्ट्रिक स्कूटर लॉन्च किया है जिसकी कीमत लगभग 1.08 लाख रुपये है। ऑटोमोबाइल कंपनियों ने बैटरी क्षमता, कीमत और सुविधाओं के मामले में एक अच्छे पैकेज के साथ उत्पाद लॉन्च किए हैं। तो आज की तारीख मे कोनसे बाइक बेस्ट है आपके लिए चलिए जानते है

यहां सबसे अच्छे पांच इलेक्ट्रिक स्कूटरों की सूची दी गई है जिन्हें आप खरीद सकते हैं।

1.Ather 450X

All Brain. All Power. All Electric. Everything you imagined your next ride to be and beyond. The Ather 450X.


Never take your phone
out when you ride.

A 7” LCD display for everything you need to see on your ride – from navigation to incoming calls to nearest charging points.


Quick. Exhilarating.

Electric scooter on road

Engineered ground-up with a singular focus on performance, the Ather 450X is a sheer joy to ride. Out accelerate everyone with a twist on the throttle, cruise at top speeds and criss-cross across the city on a single charge.


Designed for
the our roads.

  • Water-resistantIP 67 rated pressure die cast aluminum battery pack.
  • Time we save your backCentrally mounted mono-shock suspension in the rear
  • Stop.With two disc brakes – front & rear

Reverse mode

Get your scooter off slopes, tight parking spots or uneven terrain with reverse assist.


With a 22L storage there’s nothing stopping you from carrying what you want.


Home. Charge.

Never go to refuel again. Meet Ather Dot. A dedicated, connected and easy-to-install home charger to recharge your Ather 450X in your own parking space.

Electric scooter home charging
  • Battery Icon0 – 80% in 3 hour 35 min.
  • Charging Toggle IconCheck charge status remotely
    through Ather app
  • In-built auto cut-off &
    surge protection
  • Home Charging installation IconHassle-free installation by Ather
    or your local electrician


Away? Charge.

Fast charge your Ather 450X at any of the Ather Grid public charging points in your city. Find one on the Ather app or on the dashboard. Going on a long ride? Carry a portable charger along (available as an accessory)

Electric Scooter Mobile Application
  • Upto 15 km in 10 min
  • Charge status IconCheck charge status
    remotely through Ather app
  • Plug point IconCharge at any 5A plug point
    with a portable charger
  • Charge for free at Ather
    Grid till Sep’21

Mobile app

One app for everything Ather. Connect to the scooter, charger and the cloud to access information & features remotely.

Electric Scooter Mobile Application
  • Ride StatisticsGet your
    ride statistics
  • Book scooter servicing iconBook servicing
    *coming soon*
  • Grid iconFind Ather Grid
    points near you
  • Check
    charge status


₹1,39,990/- x-show room

2.CHETAK (Bajaj Electric Vehicle)

  • DESIGNSeamlessStyle. Flush FittedExteriors​
  • BUILDSteel Body panelsthat shall last for years
  • RIDING RANGE95 km (IDC as per AIS 040) with a new Battery on a full charge in Eco Mode.
  • MODELS/COLOURS6 Colours, 2 VariantsStarting from ₹ 115000ex-showroom Bengaluru

3.Revolt RV400

Revolt RV400 Specifications

Rs. 1.18 Lakh Ex-showroom Price, Ahmedabad

Specifications of Revolt RV400

Revolt RV400 is an ElectricBike. The electric motor generates a torque of 170 Nm. Revolt RV400 gets Disc brakes in the front and rear. The kerb weight of RV400 is 108 Kg. Revolt RV400 has Tubeless Tyre and Alloy Wheels.

Fuel TypeElectric
Motor Power3000 W
Range150 km/charge
Kerb Weight108 Kg
Fuel Type:Electric
Range:150 km/charge
Battery Type:Lithium-Ion
Charging Time:NA
Emission Type:NA
Max Power:NA
Gear Box:NA
Head Lamp:NA
Wheels Type:Alloy
Tyre Type:Tubeless
Standard Warranty (Years):NA

 4.TVS iQube Electric

Specifications of TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric is an Electric Scooter. The electric motor generates a power of 5.98 PS and a torque of 140 Nm. TVS iQube Electric gets Drum brakes in the front and rear. The kerb weight of iQube Electric is 118 Kg. TVS iQube Electric has Tubeless Tyre and Alloy Wheels.

TVS iQube Electric Specs Overview

Fuel TypeElectric
Motor Power4400 W
Range75 km/charge
Kerb Weight118 Kg

Price not Available Ex-showroom Price, Ahmedabad

Fuel Type:Electric
Range:75 km/charge
Battery Type:Li-ion
Charging Time:NA
Emission Type:NA
Max Power:5.98 PS
Gear Box:NA
Head Lamp:NA
Wheels Type:Alloy
Tyre Type:Tubeless
Standard Warranty (Years):3

5.Hero Electric Optima LA

Hero Electric Optima LA Specifications

Fuel Type:Electric
Range:50 km/charge
Battery Type:Lead-acid battery
Charging Time:NA
Emission Type:NA
Brakes Front:Drum
Max Power:NA
Kerb Weight:86 Kg
Starting:Self Start Only
Wheels Type:Alloy
Tyre Type:Tube
Digital Fuel Indicator:NA
Standard Warranty (Years):3
Best Free Apps to Watch IPL 2021 LIVE on Your Mobile and Smart TV

Do you want to free apps to watch IPL 2021 live on mobile and tv?. You are not a fan of tv. In my case, Here are the 11 Best Free Apps to Watch IPL 2021 LIVE on Mobile and TV. You know, I already paying for the best internet and choose an app to watch Live IPL free With Free Apps. 

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Introduction of New UV-LED Wallpaper Printing Machine:

Modern interiors rely heavily on beautiful walls. We see many wallpapers, banners, and hoardings in our daily lives. Most of the wallpaper is printed using Blinds printing presses. Among the various paper printing presses available, UV-led roll-to-roll printers are of the same type. It is a state-of-the-art wallpaper printing machine equipped with the latest technology. These machines allow you to print high quality wallpapers at a very high speed with low operating costs compared to vintage printers.

You may find yourself wondering if you choose the best printer among the available options for your wallpaper. This article aims to familiarize you with new UV-led roll-to-roll printers to make the best choice.

Features of new printers of the year:

New printers have all the features that allow you to print at high speeds without compromising on quality. UV lamps can support a wide range of printing materials, making the machine more versatile and productive. Over time, the machine prevents and displays head-to-head press collisions with the help of Anti-crash sensors. Feeding rollers are not wrinkled-free to avoid any media loss. All programs can be customized to your need and convenient. A consistent repair system ensures that the work is attached to the printing bed to avoid adverse events during high-speed printing. The viscosity of the colors can be adjusted with the help of a temperature system to produce the different color you need. The improved ink flow system allows and ensures the proper flow of ink to the print heads, thus removing the magnitude of the error during printing speed.

Salient Benefits:

UV printers are more eco-friendly than before. Using or opting for a UV printer will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the printer. All UV printers work well inside and out. The problem of minor corruption or hysteresis of older printers does not affect the printing quality of UV printers. They are inexpensive, easy to stop, and use them. They offer the highest production speed to meet the growing needs of today’s market. New printers give you an edge over competitors with lower maintenance frequency. The wide range of media you can work with is an added advantage with these printers. It has a customization feature, which is a great need for modern print owners. The equipment is easy to use and control, thanks to the digital control panel.

Closing Thoughts:

Choosing UV printers, the greenest and cleanest of all generation generation printers, can be considered the best choice. You can add carbon offsets to your retail outlets to attract your customers in this current time of climate change. Getting a UV-guided machine to improve your business efficiency in terms of productivity and profitability. Choose the ones that are closest to your needs and your budget, and have a business venture.

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Features of New UV-LED Wallpaper Printing Machine –

New UV-LED Wallpaper Printing Machine

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STATE OF THE ART EARPHONES DESIGN. Best workout sweatproof bluetooth ear buds. Great for Running, Jogging, Hiking, Biking, Gym etc. Stay in Ear Tech with Comfortable Ear Hook. Neckband design, no wires tangling, and it’s easy to storage to your sports armband or arm package bag

Features & details

  • SUPERB SOUND Quality headset and Bluetooth V4.1+EDR for stereo sound and superb bass sound. Clear high & low volume. Best wireless earbuds sound.Bulit-in mic with voice notification of incoming calls
  • ITH EASY TO USE BUTTONS Allows Skip/Play/Pause on your music tracks as well as all phone use without reaching your phone. Super quick pairing with android, IOS and other bluetooth devices.
  • Super quick charge time with full charge light indication
  • V4.1 technology for seamless syncing to your favorite wireless devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android cell Phones, Windows Phones, and more up to 10 meters 33 feet

Product information

Package Dimensions15.01 x 15.01 x 10.01 cm; 99.79 Grams
Item part numberG2-LOCKET
Hardware PlatformSmartphone
Compatible DevicesIPhone
Special FeaturesEarbud, Earhook, Neckband, In-Ear
Microphone Form FactorWith microphone
Headphones Form FactorIn Ear
Connector TypeWireless
Item Weight99.8 g

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Use 7601 Wi-Fi Adeptor In 1506tv (Wezone-Clan-8007-8009)

1.Main Menu Interface

2.Sharing Options Available


4.Setting/TKGS Settings

5.Setting /Ethernet Config

SuperMax Prada SMX2 1506tv SCW2 V10.11.15


Server:Dqcam | Nashare | Nashare Pro

Ethernet:Wifi (7601) | USB Cable | wire

NetworkIPTV:Xtream IPTV | Evision IPTV | Super IPTV | Free IPTVCustomer ID:13 52 FF 15 07 00

Other Features:Ecast Option Available

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